Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Birthly?

The Birthly is a unique birth illustration, in a 1:1 scale, matched to your child’s exact height at birth.

How to create my Birthly?

1. Go to the Birthly builder by pressing here

2. Choose your favourite design and enter the birth data.

3. Pick your favorite Hanger or Frame.

You can create your Birthly by pressing:

What is the size of the poster?

The size of the poster is 50 x 70 centimeters.

Will you deliver my Birthly?

We will deliver your Birthly for free, all over the world.

Can I purchase a frame or hanger separately?

Of course, you can purchase a frame or hanger separately or together with a Birthly. You can find all frames and hangers here.

How can I pay for my Birthly?
  1. After adding your Birthly to a cart, press “Proceed to Checkout”.
  2. Fill in the form with shipping – billing information, choose your preferable payment method and press “Place Order”.
  3. Pay for your Birthly with your preferable payment method.
  4. You will receive the order confirmation via email. As soon as we receive the payment, your Birthly will manufactured and shipped within 3 working days.
What kind of paper is used for printing the Birthly?

Your Birthly will be printed on 200 g/m2 odorless, matte paper

I would like to leave feedback, how could I do this?

All matters, feedback and requests (including damaged, erroneous product cases) should be addressed via email: [email protected]

Can I return my Birthly?

Every Birthly is personalized and manufactured uniquely for a specific user, so returns are not accepted. Only products that are damaged or containing any printing mistakes, are subject to returning.

I have additional questions, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via email, using address: [email protected]

What is the validity of a Birthly Gift Card?

The Birthly Gift Card is valid for 3 months after the purchase date.